1 februar 2019 - Fruit Juice Matters Stipendiet 2019

Bachelor- og kandidatstuderende indenfor kost og ernæring kan nu søge Fruit Juice Matters stipendiet 2019, som uddeles i samarbejde med Selskabet for Ernæringsforskning (Danish Nutrition Society). Ansøgningsfrist: 1. februar 2019.


Hvis du er studerende indenfor kost og ernæring, kan du søge Fruit Juice Matters stipendiet 2019, som uddeles i samarbejde med Selskabet for Ernæringsforskning (Danish Nutrition Society). 

The purpose of the Fruit Juice Matters Travel Fund is to support:  

  • A research stay or trip to develop the applicant’s skills or knowledge within a nutrition related field 
  • Participation in short courses or training on a nutrition related topic abroad or in Denmark 
  • Active participation in a conference where the applicant presents a poster or is chosen to do an oral presentation  
The applicant must fulfil the following requirements to be considered as a recipient of a grant from the Fruit Juice Matters Travel Fund:  

  • The applicant must be a member of the Danish Nutrition Society 
  • The applicant must have finished either a bachelor or a master degree within a nutrition related field in the academic year prior to the deadline of the grant application 
  • The application must be related to a topic within the field of nutrition. 
  • The topics of (i) juice, (ii) fruit and vegetables (iii) plant-based or (iv) healthy eating will be prioritized.  
If you are in doubt about the relevance of your activity, you may contact DNS through the email: sfe@sfe.dk

One grant of 5,000 DKK will be awarded in 2019. Deadline for 2019 grant applications: 1st February 2019. 

The recipient of the Fruit Juice Matters Travel Fund will be published on the webpage of DNS and contacted through email. The award will be given at the DNS annual meeting during spring the same year. Recipients of the Fruit Juice Matters Travel Fund grant will be asked to present their research project or findings at DNS Travel Night on the third Thursday of January the following year after receiving the grant. 

The application to the Fruit Juice Matters Travel Fund must contain: 

  • Motivational letter (maximum one page) 
  • Abstract and status (accepted or pending) (if applicable) 
  • Budget Letter of recommendation 

Applications can be submitted on the email: rejsefond@sfe.dk

The 2018 grant 

Congratulations to the winner of the 2018 grant, which has been awarded to Kasper Nowak, student in Human Nutrition at University of Copenhagen. 

 The grant will be used for a research stay in Sydney, Australia for MSc project with the preliminary title: The effect of amount and type of protein intake on risk markers for type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in a sub-group of pre-diabetic adults – A longitudinal study on participants from the PREVIEW study. Plant-based protein is the focus of the thesis.

The grant was handed over during a ceremony at the Danish Nutrition Society's annual meeting on May 17th. 2018.